How to Perform a “Vodka Manberry.”

  1. Make yourself a vodka cranberry.
  2. Consume it in a way that tells society “Hey. I am a man. And I am drinking this red, fruity, delicious drink. And no. My masculinity is nowhere near diminished. In fact it is strengthened because I don’t give a flying flamingo what you think, brah.” Some have done it at the gym, during a footy match, or after a tough day of yard work. Others have just enjoyed one on their balcony, in the afternoon sun, with their beard comb in hand. It’s up to you.
  3. Wipe your mouth and feel the delicious cranberry flavour dance across your palate like a gazelle.
  4. Share your experience with the world by uploading it to Facebook or Twitter and using the tag #vodkamanberry.
  5. Go back to your previous activity (monster truck driving, woodwork, making love, reading a book, it doesn’t matter).
  6. Earn mass kudos for life.

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