Manecdote #1

Today’s manecdote comes from a special place in history. A special place I like to call the olden days.

Julius Caesar was a man. But also more than that. He was an innovator. A chef. A lover. A part time novelist. An amateur hip hop producer. But that’s beside the point. He was also a man who hid his love for Vodka Cranberries from the world. Whenever he was at da club, he would tell the bartender his drinks were for his girlfriend when he ordered them. Whenever he was at a bar with da boyz, he would order a beer and grimace as it went down his throat, the bitter brew tasting like the water from the latrines at the Coliseum. But the worst part was that when he had his lunchtime brew-dawg, (which was the style at the time) he would sneak away from his peers and have a Vodka Cranberry in secret.

This was the beginning of the end.

After his 14th sneak out, Brutus and the rest of the lads believed Caesar to be conspiring something evil, and of course decided to stab him 52 times, or something in that vicinity on the Ides of March, which roughly translates as the “Stabbing Day” of March. True story. The funny thing? If he was just confident in his drink choice, he would have been fine. The boiz would have known that he was just going for a drink. The lesson here is be confident, lads. You can drink what you like. Don’t risk your life.



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